* Constrcution of wbm road for ultratech cement ltd.

* Construction of concrete road in chadrapur tps, sail- cfp

* Construction of boundary wall in chadrapur tps, khaperkheda tps, cfp etc

* Construction of buildings in ambuja cement ltd.

* Excavation and enlargement of nallah in chadrapur tps

* Strengtening of rcc bridges in chadrapur tps.

* Painting of various residential buildings and structurals

* Civil construction work for ash slurry transportaion and ash water recovery system, tadali, chandrapur

* Civil and structural construction work of esp control room

* Construction of concret platform at cfp chandrapur

* Construction of boundary wall at cfp chandrapur

* Construction of esp contracol room at koradi tps through bhel

* Construction of raw water pump hose for dhariwal power limited, chandrapur