O & M



* Repair and overhaul of hp parts of boiler upto 800mw capacity

* Mainatance and overhaul  of coal mills (8.5e, xrp 803, xrp 843, xrp 1043, xrp 1103) and coal feeders  

* Maintanance and overhaul  of rotory air pre heater including sector plate and support bearing replacement

* Maintanance and overhauling of id/fd/pa/seal air fans

* Maintanace and replacement of tubular air heater

* Maintanance and overhauling of burner circuit, hfo/ldo system, coal pipes

* Maintanace and replacement of ducts, expansion joints, dampers, guillotine gates

* Maintanance and overhauling of esp

* Maintanance of coal handling plant including wagon tipler & stacker reclaimer

* Maintanace of ash disposal lines

* Replacement of main steam stop valve of 500mw

* Operation and coal reject handling

* Cleaning of boiler area, chp area and turbine area

* Transportation of coal, soil, reject, ash

* Loading, unloading and transportation of heavy materials for power plant maintanace works.

* Thermal insulation work.

* Amc of coal handling plant

* Amc of coal mill system at ntecl chennai

* Contract for de-bricking, refractory lining & tamping for steel plant

* Erection of cw pipe lines

* Erection of oil handling system for 500mw

* Replacement of complete air preheater of 210 mw x 3 units at mppgcl, sarni through bhel

* Replacement of pressure parts for 1 x 210 mw mppgcl, sarni through bhel

* Replacement of ltsh assembly at ntpc vindhyachal

* Replacement of complete esp at cspgcl korba through alstom